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Implement Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for people with a disability or mobility impairment.

Consistent safety management for all your locations, globaly.

Do you have buildings in multiple cities, states or countries? ALL WARDENS helps you manage safety procedures consistently across all your locations for your Wardens and Occupants.

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Chief Warden

Easily manage Warden assignments and training to ensure you have adequate coverage of every warden type with appropriate certifications for your workplace.
Improve the management of emergency events via a mobile app. which tracks multiple aspects of the event and improves communication and coordination of Wardens in real-time.

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Head of Corporate Safety and the ECO

Provide a safer workplace for all occupants and implement Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan's for those with a disability or mobility impairment.
Improve compliance by ensuring you have complete records of all emergency events and share your records with your Safety Training and Certification Partners.


Enrol into any warden role, manage your warden assignments and track your training towards certification.
Update and share the status of your evacuation responsibilities, track the safety of occupants and have immediate access to the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans of people with a disability or mobility impairment.

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Safety Training and Certification Consultancies

Improve client service by proactively managing your client's emergency preparedness and certification by gaining insights into their warden assignments and coverage, training needs, and emergency event records.

Easly manage safety consistently across all your cities, sites and buildings.

A simple pricing model for every customer.

The ALL WARDENS platform consist of two applications. And it's free to get started!

Warden Administration
The web based application which provided the capabilites to configure your safety environment, administer warden enrolments, certification, training, assignments and coverage. You can also manage the Personal Emergency Evacuation Proceedures for people with a disabililty or mobility impariment.
Warden Management is priced by the number of Wardens who have a current assignment during the current month. So if you have 250 Wardens, but only 150 have an assigment (were rostered on as a Warden) during the current month, then the subscription fee would only be for 150 Wardens.

Emergency Event Management
The mobile app. used by Wardens to improve coordination, communication and occupant safety during an emergency event. Wardens can record multiple aspects of an emergency event, enabling the Chief Warden and the coordinating safety team to better manage and respond to the the dynamic nature of an emergency in real-time. A current Warden Administration subscription is required.

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Warden Administration

  • Manage an unlimited number of Wardens across any number of Cities, Sites and Buildings.
  • Manage an unlimited number of buildings and floors, across an unlimited number of cities and sites.
  • Enrol, certify and roster an unlimited number of Wardens.
  • Track and manage the safety of an unlimited number of occupants, staff, visitor and contractors on your premises.
$00.00 per assigned Warden per month

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Emergency Event Management

  • Deploy to all Wardens to update the status of their activities during the emergency event.
  • Record and share the safety status of an unlimited number of evacuees, including occupants, staff, visitors and contractors.
  • Manage any custom type of emergency event.
  • Manage an unlimited number of emergency events.

Safety Training and Certification Consultancies
By registering as an ALL WARDENS Safety Partner, your clients can grant you access to their ALL WARDENS platform, enabling you to deliver a more personalised and proactive service. Depending on your business, you may register as a Safety Training Partner (a business delivering safety training) and/or a Safety Certification Partner (a business providing compliance of emergency management procedures).

$free of charge Free of charge for qualifying Safety Partners Try for free

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Safety Training and Certification Consultancies

  • View your client's warden coverage, certification progress and training needs.
  • Make your training library accessible to your clients to specify warden role certification requirements.
  • View your client's Emergency Event reports to aid with compliance.
  • Assist your clients to maintain warden coverage ratios to meet compliance.

Track the safety of all your building occupants in real-time. Staff, visitors, contractors, students... everyone.


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